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Unlock Curiosity


Curiosity grows,

Creativity flows

When the little eyes, ears and toes

Get to see, hear, touch and wiggle

As they learn, play and giggle!

Why Yello’llama?

All children are sensorial explorers.

At Yellollama, we let them explore their natural environment through fun yet purposeful activities. Our programs are carefully curated to help every child touch, see explore, and appreciate through activities rooted in nature; from gardening, pottery, and weaving to upcycling.

Encouraging little ones to learn from and stay responsible for the environment by feeding their innate desire to step out and seek new experiences. Preparing them for a wholesome, strong and more sustainable future.

What’s more, our space is designed to accentuate this, with reading nooks, sensory zones, a safe and cosy play area, and an extensive book and toy library – all coming together to foster freedom of expression, curiosity and above all fun!

We also believe that it takes more than just a family to raise a child. So, at Yellollama, we bring together facilitators, parents, children, caregivers, experts and mother nature to provide an umbrella of experiences for the young ones.

Programs At Yello’llama

Mom/Dad and Me

Expert guided sessions for mother/father and toddler to initiate cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills during the early years. Plus a healthy dose of lively bonding.

Early Learning

An early learning pre-school program rooted in Montessori methodology combined with current pedagogical methods to achieve a global curriculum for the overall development of the child, harnessing their potential through carefully carved out learning processes.

After-School Activity

An after-school program geared to let the little ones unwind and celebrate the process of exploring creative spaces and potential through workmanship learning.


A safe space for children to experience the warmth of a home away from home and to nurture their growth in an enriched environment.

From The Director’s Desk

Born into a world of screens, devices and intrusive media, little fingers are busy typing and scrolling; leaving no time to touch and play with sand and pebbles. Otherwise curious eyes are tired from their screen time and do not get a chance to squint at the striking rays of the morning sun through the leaves. The smell of air conditioned rooms and the texture of phone screens has kept them from enjoying the first whiff of petrichor as they let the tiny drops of water land on their little palms. With the headphones blocking their tender ears, not many have the chance to trace the chirping sounds of tiny birds. Artificial sweeteners coating their tongue stop the tender taste buds from enjoying the crispness of a fresh basil leaf straight from the pot, or the burst of a pearl of pomegranate as its juices splash into their mouth.

It was for this that I decided to create the Yellollama experience, for I believe every child deserves to enjoy a pinch of grandma’s love, a ray of sunshine and fill their hearts with happiness and gratitude. They will be problem solvers, decision makers, speakers, strategists, creative thinkers and more when they grow up, because they are given chances to create memories, when they are little.

May our little ones always stop to fill their pockets with smooth stones, colourful leaves and other tiny treasures.

Did you know?
We love and adore.
Yello Yello dirty fellows.
Because it’s fun
To say hello,
to arms deep in soil
till the elbows.
Shoulders, hearts and thoughts,
that are anything but narrow.
Happy shouts and carefree screams,
that echo.
Joy and happiness.
From the tips of their crowns to the toes.

Board of Directors

Sumitra Shankar

“With 40 years of experience in early childhood education, Sumithra Shankar brings deep knowledge and extensive experience in working with young minds. Always a teacher at heart, she has always endeavoured to create memorable and enriching experiences for young children in the age group of 2-6 years. As a senior advisor, she brings her tenured experience as an early childhood educator to Yellollama’s pedagogy design and inclusive learning structure. She plays a primary role in helping YelloLlama make a difference through its innovative learning approach.”

Priya Rajesh

Priya Rajesh brings with her over 2 decades of corporate experience primarily the Business Consulting, Strategy, and operations. Over the years, she has worked in leadership positions driving business objectives including revenue goals as a region head of a consulting practice, head of sales APAC, and leadership roles in strategy and business planning. As a board advisor for the school, she provides strategic counsel and expertise in operations and governance.


Vishvesh Arunachalam serves as the Finance and Strategy Advisory Board member at Yellollama. A seasoned business man and entrepreneur, he has set up a grown successful business over the last 3 decades. Vishvesh is also a keen adventurer and strongly believed in the importance of providing outdoor experiences that helps build strong and resilient individuals. His association has had an immense impact on the founders upbringing and he continues to guide towards building a strong organization at the school.

Meet the Mentor Llamas

Sri Vijai Durga

Centre Director – Neelankarai

Head Mentor | Early Childhood Development

“I believe education is something that children do for themselves, not something done to them, and they believe education is a part of life, not something separate that occurs at special times in special places .”

Sruthi Thileepkumar


“I believe education is a life long process. It should never be imposed, but presented to young minds, in the purest and natural form. It is important for adults to adapt to the learning approach of surroundings and nature, especially in children’s early development stages.”

Suganya Devi


“I believe that education is learning at every step which takes place with every movement – when we talk, question, experiment and explore, something which comes naturally and this learning helps in nurturing holistic development of knowledge building.”



“I believe A strong foundation in early years helps children develop the skills they need to become well-functioning adults.”

Lavanya and Ananya

Visiting Mentors | Music Movement & Art

An artistic duo that helps integrate movement, music, and art rooted in rich culture with Yellollama’s learning structure. They believe that experiencing the above can inculcate freedom of expression and help with tending to fine motor skills at a developmental stage.

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It was a 3-year-long journey with Aishu ma’am. Forever grateful to Aishu ma’am for admitting him when he was only 1.4 yo. He was the youngest in the bunch. You have always been so cheerful and happy and kept the environment the same way too. You were his first teacher when he started talking and knowing things. You will always and forever hold a very special place in our hearts. You have recognised and encouraged all the children. You also let the children be, gave them the space.
Vishvajith had the best time around you. He always wanted to come to school even on weekends. He never had the Monday blues, only weekend blues cause NO SCHOOL.

Thank you Aishu ma’am. I’m so grateful to you for your patience, enthusiasm and passion. Your the best. A million thanks to you ma’am.

Vishvajith's Mother

Being a parent is no mean fete. After home, it is at school that our children will spend the most time in. When it was time to enroll Vishan at school I was baffled by the different options of schooling. But I was sure of one thing only. That I wanted to give him an atmosphere where he felt at home. My search to such a place ended the moment I spoke to Aishu ma’am, as Vishan fondly calls her. She spoke my heart. She showed how learning can be so much fun. She modeled how to stand up for one self. She is the most un-judgemental, kind, fun and creative teacher a child could ever get. And the most compassionate teacher a mother could ever find. Despite my office meetings, I regularly went early to school for pick-ups just so that I can see the children play and have my own tete-a-tete with the little ones. One thing that was obvious from all these conversations was that they all loved their Aishu ma’am dearly. She was not only a good teacher for the kids but also their best friend and confidante. As a parent, even a simple conversation with her helps clear our mind of all the worries and concerns. I am forever thankful for Vishan to have had Aishu ma’an as his first teacher.

Vishan's Mother

As the saying goes “An influence of a good teacher cannot be erased in a students life” ,Aishwarya Mam has brought tremoumdous change in my kid . Jayaram is a very hyperactive kid. So I found it very difficult to channelize his interests. But aishu Mam came as a Gods gift into Jayarams life. She was very affectionate, caring and understanding to an extent that Jayaram began saying aishu Mam many times than he used to say amma. I feel Jayaram blessed to have a splendid teacher like aishu Mam. Thank you Mam for all that you have done to Jayaram.

Jayram's Mother

Aishu mam was Sharvah’s first ever teacher and I should say that she’s made the whole experience of pre – schooling a very smooth and memorable one for him. Her cheerful and happy go lucky attitude is what makes the kids most comfortable at school. She takes personal interest in observing every kids strength and liking which helps us as parents in building a good platform for them. She’s always super friendly with the kids and encourage them to be themselves. She also believes that each child has his/her own uniqueness and always motivates them to do best in what they like. Apart from this I like the way she maintains a cordial relationship with all the parents and makes sure that she keeps updating them about the child and their behaviour at school even if it’s about the smallest of things. There has never been a day when sharvah wanted to skip school that’s how much he liked it. I am sure he’s never going to forget aishu mam for the teacher- friend that she’s been to him. Thank you aishu mam for being you and giving sharvah the best start to schooling ❤️

Shravan's Mother

Tails of Joy – with iAdopt

Yello’Llama Kids strives to inclulcate compassion, care and generosisty within children.

To foster such values and more, we have teamed up with iAdopt (an animal welfare non-profit organization) to host periodic pet adoption drives on the campus.

This present the children with an opportunity to bond with all life forms, appreciate beauty and interact with puppies and kittens in a safe environment.